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 Pod Hire

Perfect for smaller venues or as an addition to larger events. 

Our Pods are compact, versatile, and user-friendly photo station that brings the fun of capturing memories to any space.

Our Selfie Pods – Compact, Modern, and Ready for Fun!

Say hello to our Selfie Pods, the perfect solution for adding a modern and interactive element to your events. Our Pods offer a convenient and stylish way to capture your special memories.

These compact and user-friendly pods are ideal for any venue, effortlessly fitting into your event's ambiance while providing endless fun for your guests. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or private party, our Selfie Pod hire service brings a unique and engaging photography experience to your celebration.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices Start From £245

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Vintage Pod


Digital Pod

Selfie Pod Features

Compact & Sleek Design:

Ideal for venues with limited space, our Selfie Pod fits comfortably in any setting without sacrificing the fun. Its sleek design is not only practical but also adds a modern touch to your event.

High Quality Photos:

Equipped with high-resolution cameras, the Selfie Pod delivers stunning, professional-grade photos, ensuring every smile and pose is captured with clarity.

User-Friendly Interface:

Simple and intuitive, the Selfie Pod is designed for guests of all ages to enjoy. Just step up, strike a pose, and let the Selfie Pod do the rest

Sharing With Ease (Digital Pod Only):

Once you've taken a picture on one of our Selfie Pods, you can send a copy to yourself via a range of methods including Apple AirDrop, Email, Bluetooth & More!

Standard Option is included 2x6.png
Standard Option is included 2x6 (3).png

But First, Let Me Take A #SELFIE! 🎞️

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