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Audio Guestbook Hire

Step into the world of cherished memories with our Audio Guestbooks, a unique and heartwarming addition to your special events.

Audio Guestbook – Capturing Memories In Voices!

Experience the charm of our Audio Guestbook, a novel way to capture heartfelt messages from your guests at Photobooth Express.


Gone are the days of traditional written guestbooks; our Audio Guestbook invites your guests to record their wishes, stories, and laughter, creating a timeless and personal memento of your special day.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices Start From £125

Audio Guestbook Features

Personal & Intimate Feel:

Each voice message adds a deeply personal and intimate touch, allowing you to relive the emotions and ambiance of your event.

Easy To Use:

Designed for simplicity, our Audio Guestbook is user-friendly, ensuring guests of all ages can easily leave their messages.

High-Quality Audio:

We ensure clear, high-quality audio recordings, so every word and laughter is preserved in the best possible quality.

Easy File Transfer:

After the event, we'll give you a USB Stick with all of your audio files on. We can also send these over to you in other digital formats of your choosing.

Our Audio Guestbook Gallery 🎞️

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