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Photobooth Hire

Capture the Fun, Frame the Moment! Explore our diverse range of photobooths at Photobooth Express, each designed to bring a unique flair and unforgettable memories to your events.

Our Photobooths – Tailored to Every Occasion!

Dive into the world of endless fun with our diverse range of photobooths at Photobooth Express. Each booth is crafted to provide a unique experience, ensuring that no matter the event, we have the perfect fit to make it extraordinary.


From sleek and modern designs to vintage charm, our photobooths are more than just a picture-taking station; they're an interactive experience that adds vibrancy to your celebration.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices Start From £295

What's Included?

We will arrive at your venue an hour before we are due to start, set up and operate for the hire time. Our operator will encourage your guests to use the photo booth and will also put a copy of a personalised photo in an album that we will also provide for you.

After the hire time, we will present you with your album and a digital copy of all the photos taken.

Included in each hire:

⭐️ Unlimited visits to the Booth for the duration of the hire

⭐️ Choose from a range of different exterior skin designs

⭐️ Instant High Quality Prints

⭐️ We use DSLR cameras for the highest quality images

⭐️ Digital copies of all pictures taken during the hire

⭐️ Choice of Bespoke Templates, tailored to your event

⭐️ Booth attendant to encourage and assist guests 

⭐️ Staff that want to get the best out of your event

⭐️ Optional Upgrade to Unlimited Prints (one for each person in each photo)

⭐️ Full use of a wide array of quality props

Standard Option is included 2x6.png
Standard Option is included 2x6 (3).png
Booth Gallery

Our Photobooth Gallery 🎞️

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